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Dental Services

At Boucher Levesque Maltais Dental Centre in , our dentists and dental team offer a full range of oral health services for a healthy smile.

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Prevention & Hygiene

Regular dental cleanings and exams to keep a beautiful and healthy smile.

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Dental Restorations

Services such as root canal treatment, crowns, and dental bridges to restore your smile.

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Cosmetic Services

A complete line of cosmetic dental care for a radiant smile.

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Oral Surgery

Dental extractions, gum transplants, and more to restore your oral health.

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Clear aligners as a discreet orthodontic treatment for adults and adolescents.

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Dental Appliances

Custom mouth guards and anti-snoring devices to protect your oral health.

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Dental Sedation

Sedation options for treating dental anxiety.

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Children's Services

Dental care tailored for children in Dieppe.

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